Interested K-12 Host Teachers

Information for K-12 Teachers and Administrators

If you are interested in having a Writing Ambassador intern in your class(es) or program, please fill out the following Intern Request Form. Kelly Crosby, the program's coordinator, will get back to you. We are especially interested in placing interns in schools and with teachers from the broader Sacramento area.

Ambassadors can help with any subject though their primary focus is to help students with literacy (reading/writing) tasks.. They are asked to seek an active role in the classroom and are not there just to observe. They can work one-on-one with students as well as in small groups. Although we do not require them to teach lessons to the whole class, many do, if that is something you would like. We would like our Ambassadors to have a variety of experiences, and we ask that they communicate directly with you about what they (and you) are comfortable with. 

Please see our Teacher Informational Letter that explains more about our program.

Weekly Ambassadors meet each week in class (Univ. Writing Program 197tc) to learn more about teaching and tutoring and to hear from guest speakers such as current classroom teachers.

Request an Intern for your K-12 Classroom